Disney Land Paris Feb 2019 - Magical


Hey Guys

We enjoyed a magical 4 days in Disneyland Paris and as promised here’s how we booked, what we loved and how I managed to lose a pound after four days on holidays!!

Firstly we booked through Magic Breaks in the UK (0044 3308805001) but if you keep any eye out you can get great deals with local travel agents too! Our deals was for four 4days including park tickets and full board plus costing us £1055 for the 4 of us (Two adults and two kids, 10 & 7) - Full board plus includes all your food and also the option to dine at 15 different restaurants both in the park and off site. This was fab as I know people who have gone and found the food not great but I have to say overall our food was pretty good and there was lots of choice. We didn’t even get to see half the restaurants on offer!

The kids loved Annette’s Diner which is an american diner where some of the staff are on roller skates and the choices are primarily burgers and chips and our plan included starter, maincourse and dessert at lunch and dinner!! Remember though just because you are away doesn’t mean you need to eat everything put in front of you!

On the second day we discovered two steakhouses which you could also enjoy at lunch time and they were fab! Our evening meal each night we enjoyed in the hotel and the 4 boys (our 2 and their 2 friends) loved nothing more than coming back to the hotel for the buffet with such a wide variety of foods to choose from….here there was everything on offer from freshly cooked fish, stir fry dishes, rice, pasta lots of vegetable dishes, soups and salads and every dessert under the son! There literally was something for everyone, some people were disappointed that there were no chips however as lunch options most days meant chips for the boys noone ever complained about no chips at night!



I have to say my expectations were limited after mixed reports however we absolutely loved everything about this hotel. The staff are incredibly child friendly and the pool was another one of the boys highlights and despite long crazy days in the parks the boys loved getting back to the hotel pool!

The bar was very relaxed with a wide variety of wines and beers and amazing cocktails and we could chill in the bar at night with the kids.

The hotel offered a breakfast buffet which is supposed to be amazing and we had intended on giving it a go but time got away!

THE PARKS - Disneyland Park

Map 1.jpg

As you can see from the the park map (Which is available everywhere in the hotels and parks) is colour coded and we tried to do it section by section and then left a full day for Universal Studios. Honestly there is so much to do you will never get round it all in a few days so it is definitely worth checking out any rides that you definitely want to include especially if you have bigger kids!


Tower of Terror - a terrifying fall in a lift from the top of a tower……Complete adrenalin rush with a few surprises along the way….this is not for the faint hearted however Jamie our 7 year old managed to do it just about!! We felt like the worst parents ever when at the top of the queue we were telling him it would be ok whilst having a heart attack ourselves lol!! However when he got out he was thrilled and the other boys calling him a legend had him a fan for life! As we told Jamie sometimes its good to feel the fear and then do it anyway!!

Space Mountain - A high speed roller coaster that takes many winding turns and if you can keep your eyes open long enough there are amazing star themed views! The boys absolutely loved this one

Buzz Lightyear - This one is definitely suitable for younger kids too…your’re in a chair with a laser gun and you can shoot and different buzz themed targets throughout the ride….the score on your car increases with each hit and being just a little competitive of course I had the highest score lol!

Indiana Jones - This was the only ride that Jamie couldn’t go on due to height restrictions it was the only one we seen with a height of 140 and as a tall 7 year old he wasn’t far away! Everyone loved it and again another fast paced roller coaster with a big loop.

Pirates of the Carribbean - A more scenic route through water and this ride was definitely the most scenic - it was great to do a high paced, heart racing ride and then do something more easy going to give everyone a rest!

Thunder Mountain - Wooded roller coaster through the mines at a high speed with amazing views!

Ratatouille - This is fab for everyone as you wander through this visual show experience life as a mouse!

Star Wars - An epic 3D show where you don’t leave your seat but are transported through a space adventure - this is for everyone but you may experience a little motion sickness!!

LIGHT SHOW - Absolutely not to be missed as this will blow your mind even the non Disney fans will enjoy this spectacular show…You may decide to go every night or just the once but I promise you’ll love it!


WEATHER - We had been warned that Feb in Paris would be baltic but I actually found the weather quite fresh - we took thermals, tracksuit bottoms and jumpers, coats, hats and scarves and the kids didn’t even need the thermals! I kept mine on but then I love my heat and I found the weather ok but come 5 or 6 o clock I was getting the hats and scarf on! We were quite lucky though as it had been snowing before we landed and we also managed to avoid the rain!

QUEUES - We arrived on a Wednesday and didn’t know how lucky we were until Saturday! Queue time for major rides were no more than 10 or 15 minutes but when we went to the park on Saturday queue times were 40-45 minutes which I am told gets worse in summer…there is a Disneyland Paris app that you can download which shows you wait times so you can try to avoid the worst ones but then if its a ride that everyone wants to do you may just have to wait!! I am not sure that we could have coped with four days of long queue times!!

GREAT COMPANY - We were very fortunate to enjoy the trip with our two friends and their two boys who are nearly the same age as our boys. I would highly recommend doing this trip with friends as particularly when there were queues or waiting times the boys enjoyed keeping each other entertained and I know everything from the airport minibus trip to the rides and home again was enjoyed ten fold with great company.

WHAT TO WEAR - As a girl who loves nothing more than high heels and getting glam this is one holiday for the casual approach! I think it is the first holiday ever that I only took snow boots and trainers not a heel in sight and what’s crazy is I loved it! Literally jeans, t-shirt and trainers were the order of the day and it was rare that I even touched the make up from one end of the day to the other…so folks one week where less is definitely more! Oh and Dinsey or Minnie Ears are an absolute essential!!


EXPENSIVE - Having our meals included was a massive saving as each time we ate we were given the receipt and meals average €150 for the four of us - if you’re doing this 3 times a day it would’t be long adding up so our full board plus provided great value…..Otherwise our only real costs were cups of coffees or drinks and as we had four boys not four girls a couple teddys did the trick!!

I can only imagine life in Disneyland Paris with two girls 10 & 7 as there is more princess things to buy than I could count…..it is recommended to bring your own princess dress as they average around €100 in the park and then there’s princess makeup, tiaras etc - just a word of warning however I know for many this is once in a lifetime for your little princess so you decide!


Eiffel Tower

We decided to take the train in to Paris on the Friday and we were so thrilled that we did! Everyone was fascinated by the size, beauty and everything that is the Eiffel Tower and even the younger boys loved it all!! They loved the train journey, we took a river cruise along the Seine which is an amazing way to travel around all the tourist attractions and was only €44 for a family of four and you could hop on or off wherever you liked! We did Notre Dame, Arc De Triomphe and the Champs-Elysees and only wished we had more time for a little retail therapy but with 6 little and big men in two this was never happening!!

Eating to your goals!!

So many of you were amazing when I shared that I had lost a pound despite 4 days in Disney!! Most morning were started with a cup of coffee and it was rare I had breakfast as I really didn’t fancy the options on offer. I made up for this later in the day and enjoyed a big lunch and big dinner. At lunch I went for soup for starters even tried black bean soup and for mains I had steak with lots of veg and a couple of chips. Dessert I shared with Frank most days or did without and always enjoyed dessert after dinner in the evenings. Dinner choices were buffet style and mostly I went for chicken or fish with lots of roasted veg and there was always so many varieties and then baby potatoes or rice. Dessert I tried donuts and even fruit and the chocolate fountain followed by a few drinks in the bar…..so now you are still wondering how I lost weight! Well I should add that each day I also did my 15 minute workout and averaged 20-25000 steps each day and also got a little swim in too!! Even though that sounds like a lot of food there was no time for snacking and whilst I ate at least double what I would at home, I moved about 5 times as much every day!

When I go on holidays weight loss is never my primary goal and often I will lose weight before I go however I also try to keep a little balance similar to when at home. If I over indulge in one meal I will eat a little less at the next or move a little more. I will have water on hand at all times and I look at holidays as an opportunity to enjoy amazing time with those closest to me and not an opportunity to eat and drink everything in sight! I haven’t ever been on a holiday that I haven’t enjoyed to the max and yet when I return I am also never a million miles away from my healthy weight so its a win win!!

Other members love nothing more that eating and drinking with wild abandon on holidays putting on ten pound and then taking it back off again but for many this is not as simple as it sounds and those habits of binge eating can be hard to break…..

Folks its your holiday and I know how precious they are so you enjoy them how you choose but if year after year you are returning with lots of weight on and not able to get it back off again then it may be time to try something different. Next holiday booked and I cannot wait!!!!!

If you’ve been thinking about taking a trip to Disneyland Paris then I cannot recommend it enough as we had a ball and there is something for young and old!

Hope you enjoyed,

Hugs Always

Karen xx