Academy Life 2018

Hey Guys I am finally getting back into writing my blog and super excited to share with you my highlights of 2018 and what is already exciting me about 2019!!

2018 has been a year to remember in so many ways! The year began with Frank’s 40th last January and after celebrating with family and friends we headed to Finland for an amazing ski trip with the final night spent in Kakslautten Artic Resort in the most memborable surroundings ever in our very own Igloo!

In Academy Life we helped more members lose more weight than ever and this June launched our very own state of the art APP! Whilst the transition was not without headaches it was certainly one of my very own personal achievements of the year mastering the technology!

Our Academy Bootcamps have grown too helping more people achieve levels of fitness that they never imagined! In September we also launched our Low Intensity classes to really focus on building fitness and strength from any starting point! This summer I completed 365 days of activity completing a minimum of 15 minutes of activity every day! As I write today I complete day 535!! And no plans on stopping anytime soon!!

Our Team expanded beyond belief in 2018 and we were super proud to watch Keli Reel open our first satellite Academy in Newry! By September we added 3 more staff and our online course became the talk of the country! Linda and Keli both completed their level 5 nutritional therapist courses and both have grown in confidence beyond belief!

Our fashion show was a huge success with 23 men and women taking to the stage with over 60 stone gone between them! To see members grow in confidence and literally strut their stuff on stage infront of family and friends makes me and the team prouder than you can imagine!

December saw or Academy Awards and OMG folks if you ever needed inspired then this is an event not to be missed next year! To hear from men and women who have literally changed their lives forever was unreal!

We helped some of Ireland’s top influences, Lisa’s Lust List, Peaches & Cream and are proud to say we have LMD looking amazing!!

This summer we also began filming with some very special people for something EPIC! And yes I mean epic which will be revealed in Spring 2019!

So now a week before Christmas I am incredibly grateful and looking forward to a magical Christmas with my boys. Hubby Frank, Aaron and Jamie who I cannot believe are now 10 and 7!!

2019 will begin with a newly renovated Academy, an exciting launch event in January and lots of trips already planned. We are rebranding and super excited to help more people than ever reach their dreams! 2019 will also see Aaron leave primary school and we’ll enjoy more amazing family occasions with both Holy Communion and Confirmation in May & June!

So folks I thank you all for your support this year and always! To every member who has shared any part in our Academy Life this year I thank you and look forward to helping 2019 be the last year you ever dream of losing weight!

To our amazing team, Linda (CEO), Keli, Emma, Susan, Grainne and MUM it is an absolute pleasure to work with a team of empowered and inspiring ladies!

To Frank we’ve done it again another year working together and still together!! We’ve enjoyed 7 years of doing it for ourselves and thankfully every high has outweighed even the toughest of lows! Here’s to another amazing year and 2019 will be the year that we’ll remember for the plan coming together!!

To every follower thank you for the likes, the shares, the comments and the laughs, there are none that go unnoticed and as we grow our following even further we will always focus on keeping the personal touch!!

Folks as the craziness begins I ask you to remember the true spirit of Christmas and enjoy this magical time with your friends and family. Enjoy the Ginger Bread Latte (400 calories) or the extra glasses of wine but try to remember some balance too! A little mountain walk with the kids or amazing turkey curry by the fire will be enjoyed and remembered more than any tin of sweets!!

See you all in 2019 where we will be ready and excited to help you achieve more than you ever dreamed possible!!


Hugs & Love Always

Karen xx