Welcome to Academy LIFE

All Academy Life sessions are 30 minute classes and every second week you will be treated to a live cookery demo, showing you how easy it is to make nutritious meals in minutes! On the other weeks you will be educated on all the factors that affect healthy weight management including, sugars, fats, protein, alcohol, stress, sleep, activity and even your mental health

Having worked in weight management since 2009 Karen’s belief is that any changes must be sustainable in the long term.  Her masters research project on long term sustainable weight loss entitled “Is it possible to lose weight and keep it off forever”, plays a important role on the teachings in the academy. At the academy, you will learn that long term weight loss maintenance is achievable and our mission is to not only help you lose weight but to keep it off forever. If you are enjoying amazing foods, becoming more active and feeling amazing then life at your dream weight is going to be easy for you to maintain.

Academy LIFE Classes


  • Monday: 730pm

  • Tuesday: 10am, 5:30pm or 7:30pm

  • Wednesday: 10am, 5:30pm or 7:30pm

  • Thursday 10am or 730pm


  • Tuesday 10am, 530pm or 730pm

How to join The Academy

To join or Academy in Dundalk or Newry there is no need to pre book. Simply come along to whichever session suits best and try to arrive about 10-15 minutes before the start times above. All sessions are only 30 minutes however your first one will take over an hour as you get to watch the class and then we will spend some taking explaining our plan to you and get you all set for an amazing first week!!

Pay weekly €25 first session then ten euro per week 

Special offer €70 for 7 sessions with no joining fee – plus if you miss a week we don’t penalise you! You have 12 weeks to use the 7 credits!!

(Newry all prices are Sterling)

Once you are a registered member you can purchase 5 sessions and get one free (€50/£50) or purchase 10 session (€100/£100) and get 4 free.