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Imagine enjoying delicious foods like Taco chips, Thai curries, chicken pie with filo pastry or one of my own favourites Salt n chilli chicken!! I promise you losing weight never tasted so good!! As part of the academy life classes you will see a live cookery demo every second week and have access to lots of recipes and videos showing you how easy eating better not less can be!

DAY ONE ( Sample )

  • Breakfast – Sweet potato waffles with tomato salsa, eggs and pesto

  • Lunch – Homemade soup with wholemeal bread

  • Dinner – Chicken pie with filo pastry served with baby potatoes and extra veg

DAY TWO ( Sample )

  • Breakfast – Homemade Granola

  • Lunch – Big Mac in a Bowl

  • Dinner – Steak with mushrooms and onion in a pepper sauce, side salad and potatoes.

How does the online weight loss course work?

Our online course now offers people across the globe the opportunity to experience The Academy for themselves. No longer restricted to people within easy reach of Dundalk and Newry you can now access our live session, our app and all the motivation and support you’ll need from the comfort of your own home! So many of our members are losing over a stone in 6 weeks and we have been blown away by the success of our online members!

Simply sign up by clicking the link above and within 24 hours we will send you an email to activate your app account. This will direct you to create a password for our app which is available in both the App and Play store (The Academy Masterplan) - once you have created your password you can log in immediately and have a look around! You will see the progress section where you can log your weight each week and you can do this yourself with any scales our you can also purchase our scales which will measure your body fat, muscle tone, hydration levels etc and with the power of bluetooth they will be sent to Karen within seconds!

Within the next hour you will start to receive the first email of your Masterplan course education which included a video detailing the steps of the Masterplan, some frequently asked questions and top tips! On Day 2 you will receive another email with some pointers on using the app and then after this you will receive email content 2-3 times per week for the 6 weeks. On top of this Karen will host live weekly sessions in the app which you can watch live at the advertised times and interact live and ask questions or watch back in your own time! In the App you will also see lots of recipes, meal plan ideas, workouts and there is even a secret support group where you can ask questions, post pictures or simply get inspired!


As this is an online course it is essential to allow time each week to open, read and digest the videos or information sent.

Live sessions are your live class each week and are normally between 15-30mins long and an essential part of your success.

This is 6 weeks of learning so remember you won't know it all in the first week and be sure to trust the process.

Believe! If you can dream it, we can help you believe it an achieve it!

After the 6 weeks you are welcome to stay on monthly with us which is not an automatic payment, if you are enjoying success and loving the plan then you can simply purchase each month.

Typically members who are most active on the App are enjoying the most success!