Online Weight 6 Week weight loss Program

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Online Weight 6 Week weight loss Program


Karen Daly (MSc) is the top weight loss expert in Ireland and her online course are receiving huge acclaim across Ireland, the UK & beyond!!

This is a 6 week online course which includes all new content plus access to our APP which has helped hundreds online lose over one stone in 6 weeks!! Find out how to eat better not less and learn to love food all over again enjoying the most delicious meals ever.

This course is like no other, in a matter of weeks we will educate, excite and empower you helping you to become lighter, healthier and happier, and ultimately adding years to your life and life to your years!! Course also includes access to our new state of the art APP which can be downloaded from the APP or PLAY store!

This 6 week online programme is designed to educate, excite and empower you into losing weight and enjoying a healthier happier and ultimately longer life. Program includes full 7-day plan, recipes, shopping list, weekly educational classes delivered live along with weekly cooking demos.

Karen has worked in weight management since 2009 after losing over 4 stone herself and has helped thousands of women reach their dream weight! Karen has an Masters in Weight Management coupled with deep personal experience having lost weight and kept it off for almost ten years! Karen believes it is her true mission in life to help others feel as amazing as she does and she know that getting rid of excess weight can only improve your life! Karen always says she has never met anyone yet who hasn’t been healthier and happier after losing weight!

A busy working mum to 2 young boys Karen understands the challenges and triumphs of losing weight! Her expert and informative yet fun approach will inspire you beyond belief! Karen is fast becoming Ireland’s’ health and wellness style icon and you will be inspired from the moment you hear her speak!!

  • MSc Weight Management

  • Over 9 years expertise

  • 4 stone gone FOREVER

  • Expert, supportive, informative and FUN, oh and delicious!

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