Academy FIT is a 30 minute high intensity workout delivered in Bootcamp style session.  All sessions are designed to give you the maximum fat burn in minimum time!  This is a 6 week challenge and suits all ages and all fitness levels.   It includes full health profiling and goal setting, fitness assessment and bootcamp specific nutrition plan.  To ensure you get the best results we are including access to all Academy LIFE classes, cookery demos and weigh ins to track your progress. Please note our scales also track body fat and muscle mass improvements so ideal even if weight loss is not your goal!

Government guidelines recommend that we get 150 minutes of moderate activity per week - by increasing the intensity you can reduce this figure to 75 minutes per week and we know you can fit that easily into your life forever! Plus you get the benefit of an all over body workout that will improve your strength and research shows that whilst we may get some cardio activity we are less likely to build in strength training particularly as we get older!

Sustainability is key! Shorter and more enjoyable workouts will make you want to do them more often! This is not about slogging heavy weights around and eating broccoli and chicken for the rest of the week! We will teach you how to raise your heart rate, get leaner and stronger whilst enjoying amazing food! #eatbetternotless


Academy FIT Bootcamp

New Members - €105

  • 6:30am - Mon Wed Fri

  • 9:30am - Mon Wed Fri

  • 6:15pm - Mon Wed Fri